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Young Driver Insurance Low Down

If you ask for cheap car insurance for young drivers most insurance brokers will likely laugh, and those that aren't laughing are exercising a lot of will power to make sure that they don't. Car insurers ask for premiums based on the level of risk they are incurring. The sad fact is that a young driver is a very high risk. This is borne out by the accident statistics.

In the first year after passing their test 20% of new drivers are involved in a crash.

An 18-year-old driver is over three times more likely to have a crash than a 48-year-old driver.

Young male drivers often indulge in risky driving behaviour and all more than seven times more likely to be in a crash than any other male drivers.

Except between the hours of 2AM and 5AM, where they're more than 17 times likely to be in a crash. In addition a young driver is five times more likely to be in a fatal crash when carrying passengers.

These accidents statistics make very scary reading and when you look at it from the point of view of an insurer, it's quite amazing that car insurance for young drivers exists at all!

When looking at car insurance for young drivers the part where an insurer is likely to have to pay out more is on the third-party aspect.

The third-party aspect is also the minimum required insurance by law. What third-party means is that if a driver is in a crash that is found to be their fault then their insurer will need to pay out not only to repair the car of the person that was crashed into, but may also need to pay out personal injury claims for any one else involved in the crash.

So when trying to find car insurance the young drivers anything they can do to convince an insurance company that they are a responsible driver is a possible way to reduce car insurance premiums.

The first thing a young driver needs to consider is taking the pass plus driving course. This is a series of six lessons it covers things like or whether driving, night driving and motorway driving. Passing this course can reduce insurance premiums by up to 35%, and for a young driver this discount can more than cover the cost of the course.

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Thankfully I found you guys and took out a policy that wasn't 20% of my annual wages!

Gary, Newcastle - April 2017

While I wasn't thrilled with the idea of the blackbox; at my age, it just wasn't economically viable to insure my first car without it.

Christine, Glasgow - Feb 2017

Quick and easy service and fab savings. A lot better than the so called big name household brands.

Will, Hull - Jan 2017

I just wanted to say a short thank you for pointing me in the right direction to get the best deal on my car insurance; as I was about to give up on the idea altogether, as it was simply too expensive.

Paul, Huddersfield - November 2016