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Comparing Car Insurance Deals

When you are in the market for cheap car insurance for new drivers it can be a hectic, and at times confusing time, especially for those seeking car insurance for 17 year olds or cheap car insurance for first time drivers. Car insurance comparison sites zip your details to a host of different insurance companies and report back with the cheapest premium or coverage after scraping data from their sites. The biggest flaw in many of the comparison sites is that they do not compare rates from the same insurance companies, so the best strategy would be to combine them. Spend an afternoon gathering the top comparison sites for car insurance and enter your details into four of five comparison sites. Once you have the quotes from every comparison site, visit each of these car insurance websites individually and re-enter your personal details to ensure the advertised quote is indeed the lowest.

Once you are satisfied that the pricing is accurate on each individual car insurance site, it's time to compare the policy benefits, the costs involved, and the exclusions on each quote to highlight the best insurance for young drivers.

There are four factors you should definitely consider:

1. The compulsory excess for accidental damage and windscreen damage
2. Coverage provided for theft of personal belongings
3. Coverage when driving someone else’s car
4. Coverage when driving in Europe

There might be other factors that are more important to you as an individual and therefore you can simply add them to your list of factors when comparing each car insurance premium. If you often drive around with expensive belongings, such as musical instruments, it will be more beneficial to look for a premium with excellent coverage for theft of personal belongings. You might need to pay a little extra every month, but at least you’ll have peace of mind that you are well covered. It’s worth mentioning that this might be covered by your household insurance, and therefore you won’t have to focus on this when taking out car cheap car insurance.

Another factor to consider is your driving patterns and habits. Do you drive in Europe quite often, especially when you are on holiday or perhaps for work purposes? Secondly, do you ever drive a friend’s car when you go out drinking as a designated driver for the evening? If you don’t, there’s no need to take this into consideration, but is something to consider as added peace of mind.. However, when it comes to access to windscreen and accidental damage, you will quickly realize that it’s a very important factor to consider. After all, there’s not much you can do regarding accidental damage, as it remains an accident at the end of the day. Windscreens are also prone to receive a chip when driving behind a truck and therefore you’ll want to choose a policy that is a bit more expensive but provides a lower excess amount for these types of damages.

The best possible way to compare cheap car insurance for new drivers under 25 is to first figure out what is important to you. You can then compare each policy to save on insurance, as it's no good having cheap insurance for new drivers if it doesn’t cover the most important risk you need it to.

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